Tiren : Mati kemaren


Ranti (Dewi Persik) was found died suddenly and mysteriously. Hendra (Baron Hermanto), his father, very angry and vindictive. When buried, Hendra deliberately not unlace pocong Ranti, with the intention that Ranti chasing ghosts of people who killed him. Ranti really so curious spirits, and make a commotion

The first victim is visited by ghosts Ranti Leo (Renee The). During hiduypnya, Ranti been caught having an affair with his best friend Leo, Maya (Jacqueline Deriell)

Furthermore, Ranti turned into a beautiful and seductive woman Reno (Aldi Taher), Maya's husband. Reno tempting to pass up an affair relationships

What happens after that, really a very scary thing ...

Director : Emil G. Hampp

Writers : Yoen K.,Nestor Katanya

Release Date : 26 June 2008 (Indonesia)

Genre : Horror

Cast : Dewi Persik,Baron Hermanto,Deriell Jaqueline,Aldiansyah Taher



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