Death Bell

Ask a number of producers around Chungmuro what their most pressing concern is at the moment, and the answers might actually be surprising. There's likely to be quite a good and different number of ideas, but all the roads more or less lead to Rome. That is, trying to understand the mind of those with the time and money to visit the theater, every now and then, perhaps as a prelude to petting. That magic word, teenager, which can make or break today's Korean films regardless of their quality or subject.

With Korean Cinema's Hollywood syndrome reaching its zenith, not only you're starting to see companies mount the offensive almost all on the first opening weekend, particularly for those films that need to sell 4-5 million tickets to break even. But, in the last two-three years, something Korean producers rarely cared about started happening more and more: trying to avoid the maligned "18 and over" rating. Films like 무방비 도시 (Open City), 비스티 보이즈 (The Moonlight of Seoul) and many more were "18-rated" to begin with, but cut some touchy edges to reach every possible wallet, particularly that of those ever elusive teenagers. With only one film out of ten breaking even, it's not surprising they'd try that.

Director : Yoon Hong-Seung
Writers : Yoon Hong-Seung
Release : 6 August 2008 (South Korea)
Genre : Horror | Thriller
Cast : In-sook ChoiD, a-Geon, Sung Jin


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