The Collector

The film begins with a house at night. The owners, Larry and Gena Wharton (Diane Goldner), come home from a night of drinking. While Gena goes upstairs, Larry stays downstairs to read some mail. However, he finds that the lights dont work. Gena calls out for him, and so he rushes upstairs. In their bedroom they find a big red box. Larry assumes one of the workers mustve left it. On top of the box is the message for the collection. The box suddenly moves. Larry opens the box and is shocked to find whats inside. A hand suddenly reaches out and grabs Larry.

After the opening credits, we see another two-story house having some construction. Among the workers are an exterminator and a man named Arkin (Josh Stewart). The family living in the house is Michael (Michael Reilly Burke), his wife Victoria (Andrea Roth), their teenage daughter Jill (Madeleine Zima), and their little girl Hannah (Karley Scott Collins). Michael asks for Arkin to finish putting bars on the windows today.

While outside, Arkin smokes a cigarette while putting up the remaining bars. After he finishes, Michael pays Arkin for his work and throws in a little extra for Arkins daughter Cindy. Michael tells him to cherish his daughter, since they get all weird once they hit their teens. Arkin thanks him and drives off.

Director : Marcus Dunstan
Writers (WGA) : Patrick Melton,Marcus Dunstan
Release Date : 31 July 2009 (USA)
Genre : Crime | Horror | Thriller
Cast : Josh Stewart,Andrea Roth,Juan Fernández,Karley Scott Collins


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