One Missed Call 3 (Chakushin ari final)


An exuberant third year high school class is taking a cultural field trip to Seoul, Korea. All are there except for a notable one or two students; Notable, that is, for being the class outcasts and objects of class scorn and ridicule. One such student is Asuka (Maki Horikita), who recalls nothing but cruel bullying at the hands of her classmates. And those classmates that did not actively participate in the bullying simply watched quietly from the sidelines. Another missing student is Pamu, who was recently found hanging by the neck at the school. She apparently committed suicide following the continued mistreatment she received from her classmates.

Asuka was at the school the night Pamu hung herself and discovered the body. As school personnel took Pamu down, her phone fell from her pocket, a momento which Asuka picked up and kept.

During the boat ride from Kyushu to the Korean Peninsula, one student's phone rings with an unfamiliar tone. (To those having seen the prior two prequels, the tone is hardly unfamiliar!) The phone indicates that the call is from Pamu, but the message left is of the student's own voice. Attached is a photo of the student hung by the neck. The date and time of the call is listed as having come from the following day, as if she called herself from tomorrow.

Needless to say that something terrible befalls the student involving hanging from the neck while uttering the same exact words as were on the phone message. Then another student's phone rings, a similarly strange message is left followed by an equally dismal fate, and soon the students are convinced that the dead spirit of Pamu has cursed them to die one by one, signaled only by the strange call. They begin to take seriously the phone's message that if they do not forward the call to another of their friends, they will surely die.

Then all hell breaks loose. What they all thought were friendships quickly dissolve into suspicious chaos as no one trusts anyone else. The one receiving a call must decide to whom he/she will forward the curse, amounting to a death sentence for a classmate. The others decide it is better to take things into their own hands than wait around to see who will be handed such a cursed fate. Friend turns upon friend, victim turns upon bully, and all the while calls continue to stream in from Pamu's phone.

Director : Manabu Asou

Release Date : 22 June 2006

Genre : Horror

Cast : Maki Horikita,Meisa Kuroki,Geun-seok Jang,Erika Asakura


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